A Human Female is the second episode of season one Atypical.It is directed by Seth Gordon and Written by Robia Rashid.

Synopsis Edit

When Sam learns his crush is already taken, dad Doug taughs him woo her. A lost credit card sends Elsa back to the bar,meeting with the bartender again.Casey hears rumors about Evan,mostly is why he's got kicked out of school.

Title Meaning Edit

Sam says this when a bully asks what kind of girl he is looking for, unaware that they are making fun of him.

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Quotes Edit

  • Sam: Human behaviour is less like a chicken and more like an albatross.No matter how far an albatross flies, it always returns home.Unless it flies too close to the water and gets eaten by a tiger shark.
  • Sam:In the animal kingdom, attraction is a simple biological fact. It's us humans who make it complicated

Featured Music Edit

  • Spinning by Sola Rosa
  • Move by Mobius Vanchocstraw
  • The Touch by Welshly Army
  • California Calls by Dan Gautreau & Tom Stubbs
  • Passin' Me by The Pharcyde
  • Out For You by Colyer