Antarctica" is the premiere episode of the first season of Atypical. It is directed by Seth Gordon and written by Robia Rashid.

Synopsis Edit

Interested in dating, Sam researches dating advice and puts it to the test. Meanwhile, his overprotective Mom, Elsa, must learn to let go.

Title Meaning Edit

Sam talks a lot about Antarctica because it is his favorite place.

Cast and Characters Edit

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Recurring Cast/Characters Edit

Guest Cast/Characters Edit

  • Megan Easton as Riley
  • Amy Hessler as Chloe
  • Gabriela Flores as Bree
  • Rachel Redleaf as Beth Chapin
  • Ariela Barer as Bailey Bennett
  • Donnabella Mortel as Waitress

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Featured Music Edit

  • No Ordinary by Charles William(Trailer used)
  • Boss Mackin'{Feat. A-1) by
  • Fresh Blood by Eels
  • Gold Rush by Arthur Banes
  • Mamacita(Vox) by Da Digglar & Daddy P & Spike T
  • Black Mambo by Glass Animals
  • Cutty Love by Milo Greene