Casey Gardner is a star track athlete. She is the only daughter of Doug and Elsa Gardner and the only sister of Sam Gardner.

Casey is portrayed by actress Brigette Lundy-Paine.

Biography Edit

Casey Gardner is the younger sister of Sam Gardner and the daughter of Elsa and Doug Gardner. Casey has been shown to be rather protective of her brother and others as well. Casey did not have much attention growing up despite being the younger child as Elsa & Doug were often attending to Sam's needs. Following his diagnosis, their father was distressed and believing he was not fit to care for a child with autism, left the family for several months. Casey was too young to remember and simply carried on with her mother and brother.

Casey being protective of her brother is something first seen in Antarctica. While Casey is outside their house talking to Beth and Evan, Sam runs out of the house and screams "Twat!" (before he was using this word among others to calm himself down). A surprised and startled Evan sternly asks "What the hell is wrong with him?!", Casey steps between Evan and Sam and sternly tells him that nothing is wrong as a way of defending her brother making Evan back off.

This is not the only time she has been protective of him as it is seen on multiple occasions during both seasons.

In Season 2 she has transferred schools to Clayton Prep; three towns away from her home and former school. This is where she meets Izzie. They become close friends which is evident when they call each other their favourite person during a sleepover. After an altercation with Nate, the two friends stop talking as he lied to Izzie about kissing Casey, but are reunited at her birthday party where they make up and almost kiss before being interrupted by Elsa Gardner. The season finishes with them in the car holding hands with Casey rejecting Evan's call.

Trivia Edit

  • Casey is shown to be very athletic, having been on the track team at her old school and getting a scholarship to Clayton Preparatory after breaking a very prestigious record.
  • Casey tell her father that she and Evan mostly spend their time hanging out at Kennedy Park.
  • Casey is one of the first characters to be shown as possibly LGBTQ+, having nearly kissed Izzie and later holding her hand in her car.
  • Despite her father leaving at one point, her mother's affair seems to only strengthen her bond with him.
  • Is one of the few people to not smother Sam, though she remains extremely protective.
  • Born at 3.15am.
  • Hates the 'Happy Birthday' song.
  • Both of her closest friends (Sharice and Izzie) betrayed her at one stage when they got upset with her. Sharice took her clothes when she was trying on a dress and Izzie wrote 'Slut' and 'Hoe' on her trainers.

Gallery Edit

  • Casey with parents S2
  • Casey with brother, Sam S1
  • Casey and Evan
  • Casey and Izzie

Behind the scenes Edit

In an interview with BUILD Series, Brigette shared her thoughts on her character [Casey] and here's what she told them:

"I just love Casey, she's just so cool. Casey just has like a carelessness about her but also just such an intense passion for everything she does that I really respect and I feel like I hadn't seen a part like that, that was a 16-year old girl that was that strong and knew who she was."

She also shared something she liked about having the role.

"I really always liked the opportunity to not have to put a bunch of makeup and stuff, and Casey just is herself so i jumped at the opportunity."


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