Elsa Gardner is Sam and Casey Gardner's Mother. She attends a weekly support groups on Autism with other Mothers. She is Doug Gardner's wife and a hair dresser.

Elsa is portrayed by actress Jennifer Jason Leigh.

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Elsa always had a closer bond with Sam than her husband, and starts to feel like she's not needed anymore when Sam and Doug begin to get along. So she starts a sexual affair with the charming bartender, Nick.

In the last scene of the first season, Doug finds out she cheated on him (Casey wrote on a whiteboard "Stop banging the bartender").

In the second season, Doug leaves the house after finding out about the affair that Elsa had with Nick. A few day later, he returns after Casey and Sam fight and tells Elsa that she needs to leave instead. For a couple of days, Elsa crashes at her friends place, but she kept going back to the house and tried to get their attention by cooking and doing house chores

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  • When Doug kicked her out of the house in Season 2, it was the first time she had ever spent a night away from Sam since his birth.
  • Attends a Autism support group weekly.
  • Has been married to Doug for 22 years.
  • When Sam got diagnosed with Autism, she was a lot more accepting and understanding of it than her husband.

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