Evan Chapin is a character first introduced in Season 1 when he drives his sister, Beth, to Casey's house to thank her for standing up for her against a bully at school.

He is portrayed by actor Graham Rogers


Evan is a student attending a Technical School in the area. He used to attend Newton High School but got expelled after stealing musical instruments from there and trying to pawn them off.

He is currently the boyfriend of Casey Gardner. He took a liking to her when he finds out she defended his sister against a bully at school. Casey rejected him to begin with stating she needed to focus on getting a track scholarship but eventually they get together after Evan tells Casey the truth about why he got kicked out of school after hearing rumours from other students.

He is very supportive of Casey and even goes as far as to stand up to her parents when they are dismissive of her offer to Clayton, stating 'she is too good for this place'.

Relationship Edit

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  • Used to attend Newton High School but got kicked out for stealing a tuba and other musical instruments.
  • Attends a Technical School.
  • Shown to have a skill for Plastering after fixing the hole Doug punched in the wall.


Casey and evan

Casey and Evan kissing