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Izzie Taylor is the supporting character introduced in the Season 2 of Atypical. She is a member of the Clayton Preparatory Track Team and she is a "show no" to have many friends. She is introduced as an antagonist-turned friend-turned romantic interest to Casey Gardner. She was the girlfriend of Nate. Izzie Taylor is portrayed by Fivel Stewart


At first, Izzie is disrespectful and cold towards Casey. However, this changes in detention as they find common ground when getting drunk. They soon bond and tell each other that they're each other's new favorite person. She shows a more jealous and angry side when she’s around Evan, often scowling or rolling her eyes when he’s near Casey. Nevertheless, Izzie and Casey continue to navigate their new relationship.

Dynamics with Casey[]

Season 2[]

Izzie is the oldest of four siblings, and she takes care of her two favorites. After accusing Casey of tripping her during track practice, they both share a detention together in Coach Crowley's office, where Izzie reveals to Casey that she takes care of her siblings. This allows Casey to open up about Sam, and they end up bonding over feeling like outsiders at Clayton Prep. Izzie ends up stealing a bottle of vodka from their teammate Quinn's locker, and the two of them realize that they get along well.

Izzie and Casey both become best friends after having detention, to the point where Nate jokes about the two of them hooking up. One day, Izzie goes to Casey's house after being forced to leave her own, and Casey offers for her to stay during the night. They invite Nate over, but while Izzie is asleep, Nate kisses Casey. Casey kicks him out without telling Izzie, and tries to explain what happened through a note. However, Nate had told Izzie that Casey kissed him, so Izzie takes his side and ends her friendship with Casey. She writes "Slut" and "Hoe” on each of Casey's track sneakers.

Eventually, Elsa Gardner invites Izzie and the track team to Casey's surprise party in order for Casey to make up with them. Izzie reveals she chose to believe Nate, because she did not want to lose someone she loved. Then, she says that she cares very deeply for Casey and that she actually meant she was afraid of losing her, but not Nate. As the two joke around about the proper way to make-up, they slowly lean on to kiss, but are interrupted by Elsa opening the door. Izzie appears upset when Casey and Evan Chapin kiss each other, generally bothered by their relationship.

Izzie and Casey's friendship continues in a platonic manner for the rest of Season 2, but during a trip to 7-Eleven to find cotton-candy Slurpees, they hold hands in the car.

Season 3[]

In the third Season, as they grow closer, Izzie suggests that she and Casey try to get recruited by a scout, earn UCLA track scholarships, and move to L.A. Together. Casey is excited at first, but is worried about how it would affect her relationship with Evan. Izzie points out that Evan isn't really doing anything that holds him in town, which causes Casey and Evan to argue about it later in the episode.

At the Gardner house, Izzie spends some time with Elsa and gets emotional over a story about Sam and Casey's childhood, saying she wishes she had a childhood like that. She and Elsa bond as Elsa says she too didn't live in a great environment growing up. Elsa tells Izzie that their door is always open for whatever she needs, and Izzie thanks her.

Izzie attends Paige's dinner party as Casey's "date" without being a real couple yet. After Evan appears, she is very hostile and confronts him about having stood Casey's dad up, and they argue. Zahid’s date, Gretchen, remarks that she thought Izzie and Casey were a couple (a statement that appears to surprise both of them.)

At school, Casey is mad at Izzie for being rude to Evan at the dinner party, but Izzie doesn't apologize, as she believes she is right.

On the following day, Izzie misses school and Casey gets worried. She takes some old clothes of theirs to Izzie's house and it's revealed she missed school because she had to take her of her siblings after her mother disappeared, but that they already found her. She thanks Casey for the clothes and closes the door. Later she leaves her siblings with her grandparents and goes to Casey's house, where Casey lets her stay for the night. Izzie apologizes for how she acted at the dinner party, and tells Casey that she was jealous. When being asked why, she simply answers "you know why". After the confirmation of Izzie's feelings, Casey is unable to sleep on the same bed as her as she feels guilty for possibly reciprocating said feelings, even though she has a boyfriend.

Casey continues to avoid Izzie throughout the episode, only to be confronted by her at the track course late at night. Izzie expresses being hurt for being avoided after being honest with Casey, and says she would never have told her how she felt if she knew it would jeopardize their friendship, as it becomes clear to her that Casey doesn't feel the same way. Casey interrupts her with a passionate kiss, which is the episode's final shot. After the kiss, they're both a bit speechless but are able to laugh about it and decide to go eat something.

In the parking lot of a fast-food restaurant, they happily talk about their confusion about one another's feelings before the kiss, and when they're about to kiss again, they are interrupted by Evan's younger sister, Beth, who starts a short, but painfully awkward conversation. After Beth leaves, they both show to be upset.

At school, they communicate via notebook writing and Casey says she needs to talk to Evan before defining her and Izzie's relationship for good, as she doesn't want to be like Elsa. Izzie understands and laughs with Casey over an ugly drawing of Elsa in the notebook.

At Casey's house, they talk and Casey says to be sad about Evan, but prefers not to talk about this with Izzie. When Izzie is leaving, they say goodbye with an awkward hug and later a kiss to which Sam sees. When asked about it, Sam talks briefly to Casey about it and shows his acceptance by comparing them with two male penguins, Sphen and Magic (Gentoo penguins), who are a LGBTQIA+ couple who lives in the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, they courted each other and they built a nest. Sam also recounts that when a negligent heterosexual penguin pair left their egg exposed to the elements, the aquarium staff gave it to Sphen and Magic, who are now raising a chick named "Sphengic".

At a track team trip, Casey finds a drawing of Sphen and Magic inside of her backpack and shows it to Izzie, who is bothered by the fact that Sam knows about them, saying she doesn't want to "broadcast her personal business to the world" and leaves. She later appears at Casey‘s room to apologize and explains she's confused about her identity and needs to take things slow with their relationship, but that she really likes hanging out together. Casey understands and agrees to take things slow. Sharice invites Casey and Izzie to a party later and they accept.

At the party, they start by having fun and dancing, but as Casey leans on closer to Izzie, Izzie becomes alarmed at the thought of people looking at them dancing and gets mad at Casey for being subtle. She gets a drink and then kisses a guy she just met at the party, leaving Casey heartbroken. The following day, Casey wins a race and Izzie tries to congratulate her, but Casey doesn't respond back to her.

When they're back at school, Izzie tries to apologize, but she is shut off by Casey, who is tired of hearing her apologies over and over. Casey alleges that Izzie likes her right now, but is still embarrassed to be with her when there are other people around. Izzie kisses her in the middle of the school hallway, around many other students, and tells her she is done hiding their relationship. Casey accepts her apology.

In the final episode, Izzie tells her that she understands if Casey doesn't want to be with her, because she knows she isn't easy. Casey says she isn't looking for easy and they both kiss each other again.

Season 4[]

In Season 4, Izzie persuades Casey to protest against the dress code at Clayton Prep. Casey is conflicted about it, but goes along with what she says. They both wear masculine clothing to show off to everyone in their school that girls can have equal rights as much as boys do. However, they both get in trouble. Casey only gets a warning, unlike Izzie who gets suspended for being the leader of the protest. They have a fight because of it.

During Izzie's time in suspension by being outside of school, Casey cheated on the physics test for Izzie to not fall behind and to remain enrolled in school. Izzie responds by saying that she didn't have to, but Casey did it because she loves her.

At Casey's house, when Izzie mentions to Casey about her mom, Sasha, Casey says that she demands to meet her to get to know her family more, like how Izzie did with Casey's family too. However, Izzie finds it uncomfortable with this idea, and it is best to avoid her mom. Nevertheless, Izzie goes along with it by inviting her over.

Later on, Sasha comes along to meet the Gardners. While there, she talks about how great she is and her accomplishments in life. Casey starts to like her, but Elsa very much dislikes her for being bossy and arrogant. Izzie tells Casey that she and her mother are both leaving, while Casey pursues her to Izzie's house.

At Izzie's house, Izzie and Casey both meet Sasha, who suggests to both of them to hang out with her in her living room. Ignoring Izzie, Sasha talks with mostly Casey to continue on saying about how great she is and her accomplishments in life, similar to what she did at Casey's house. She also plays card games with both, her daughter and Casey, for fun in her living room. On the other hand, Izzie couldn't take it anymore as she quits to go to her bedroom, ending the card games between all of them together. Casey tails Izzie to her bedroom, where Izzie admits that she doesn't like it when Casey socializes with or gets along fine with her mother, who mostly abused or neglected Izzie throughout her childhood and her other daughters. Izzie tells Casey to leave her house, despite Casey insisting on staying with her as long as possible to be there for her in times of need. Izzie disagrees with Casey, and she slightly raises her voice to leave her alone for now. Casey departs her bedroom and her house. Unfortunately for Izzie, Sasha kicks out her own daughter from her house after a big fight with her.

After Casey became too anxious to run at a track competition at Clayton Prep and she decided to drop out of prep school, Izzie didn't agree with Casey's decisions, and she insists on staying with her to continue on seeing her in school. Casey refuses as she lost her passion for running. Casey also decides to transfer back to Newton High School, causing Izzie to become upset and disappointed about it.

At Casey's house, Izzie tries to talk to Casey's father about finding a way to convince Casey to stay with her at Clayton Prep. Suffering from depression about the death of his best friend (Chuck), Doug angrily tells Izzie that she is causing drama or distress to Casey when they both first met each other at Clayton Prep. Izzie becomes greatly saddened by Doug's words, and she runs out of Casey's house as she messages to Casey on her phone to break up with her forever.

Casey receives a text from Izzie — she decides to talk to her. Casey doesn’t think it’s fair that she broke up with her, and she finds it condescending that she thought it would be best for her. Izzie believes she’s been bad for her and ruined things, because she told her that Casey's father says to her that she is dramatic by ruining Casey's life the moment they both met at Clayton Prep. On the contrary, Casey says that this is not true. Izzie tells her she is right and the couple both kiss each other, confirming it’s not over.



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Nate and Sam Gardner[]

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Kissed: Random Guy at a party.


Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Season 4[]


  • Izzie was originally mean to Casey, since she heard about the time Casey punched Bailey Bennett in the face.
  • She takes care of her two sisters (one of whom is a baby), because her mother abandoned her and her sisters.
  • She tends to fall asleep while watching movies.
  • She was the leader of the protest defying the dress code at Clayton Prep.
  • She is revealed to be bad at Physics, unlike her girlfriend, Casey.
  • Her spoiled or narcissistic mother is very hostile towards her and she even kicked out her own daughter from their house.
  • Izzie is a lesbian and experienced comphet with her ex-boyfriend, Nate.

Relationship with Izzie's Mother[]

  • Izzie's mom is Sasha Taylor. She first appears in Episode 5 of Season 4.
  • She believes in the auras and tarots