Julia Sasaki is Sam's therapist. She is an integral person in Sam's life, helping him to navigate through his social issues.

Julia is portrayed by actress Amy Okuda

Biography Edit

In the beginning of the series, she encourages him to start pursuing romantic relationships if that's what he feels he wants.Sam's mother initially feels that Julia has too much power over Sam, and there is a little conflict there between the two, as Julia recommends that Elsa deals with some of her own issues via a therapy session.

Julia manages to bond with Doug, discussing Sam's issues and his father's new approach to being in his life.

Julia was originally oblivious to the fact that she becomes a potential love interest for Sam. After Sam's affections grow, his solution is to woo her with chocolate covered strawberries, and he illegally enters her house through the window, accidentally leaving one behind. Julia discovers ants in her home, heading for the strawberry. She assumes her partner Miles is cheating on her, and this ultimately ends their relationship.

In anger, Julia phones Miles and asks him to collect his things; in the process she injures herself, and is eventually taken to hospital by Sam's father to get her foot checked out. She is then informed that in addition to her fractured foot, she is pregnant.

She spirals into an emotional breakdown with the news, turning up at Sam's work to collect a new TV. Sam helps her to her car, and the two share advice on how to slow dance, sparking Sam's attraction to Julia even more. He then turns up in her office and propositions her. Julia, in a poor emotional state, confronts Sam about being inappropriate, and crosses the line of appropriate behaviour herself. Sam has an episode, leaves the office and becomes disoriented on a bus, ultimately rescued by his parents.

Julia composes an apology letter for Sam, letting him know that their relationship must remain professional, and that she really shouldn't have crossed the line in her approach to confronting him.

At the end of season one, Miles proposes to Julia, with the phrase "You win, let's get married". To which her response is seemingly disbelief and anger.

Julia is portrayed in the series by Amy Okuda.

Trivia Edit

  • Her younger brother Jessie is autistic. He wasn't diagnosed with it until he was 16, because his parents thought it was just a phase that he would grow out of due to his speech issues.
  • According to Elsa's calendar, Sam and Julia have therapy meetings on Tuesday's.
  • She is 26-27 in season 1, as Sam states early in the season, that Julia is 26 and three quarters, and Julia later states in the season that she is 27.
  • She is of Japanese descent.