Nick is a bartender who meets Elsa Gardner at the bar he works at, Elsa and Nick spark up a fling and, feeling like she is unwanted inside of her family, Elsa begins to cheat on her family with him, she regrets it but as the season carries on, she keeps going back to him.

Nick portraying by actor Raúl Castillo.

Personality Edit

Nick is your typical mountain-man hipster guy. He is very spontaneous, something which drew Elsa to him. He's also quite laid back, unlike the high-strung Elsa. However; he's also quite (in Elsa's mind, at least) immature, since he still has birthday parties.

Physical Appearance Edit

Nick is young, well built, and has a beard. He has dark hair and dark eyes.

Relationships Edit

  • Elsa Gardener (Fling)

Trivia Edit