Paige Hardaway is a student in the same year at school as Sam Gardner, who becomes his practice girlfriend and love interest.

Paige is portrayed by actress Jenna Boyd.


Paige is a bubbly, intellectual student in Sam's year at school who takes a liking to him early on when she invites him to study together. He first refuses due to the fact he was getting a higher grade than her, but accepts later on when he discovers she might like him and wants her to be his practice girlfriend. They are together for the majority of Season 1 until the end of that same season when Sam admits to loving Julia in front of her entire family which hurts her.

Paige is a person Sam can count on and has shown this a number of times such as being there for him when he asks her to accompany him during the period where the traffic flow is high and when she yells at everyone for the comments they wrote in his yearbook about him at the end of Season 2. Even though she has broken up with Sam, she is shown to still have feelings for him.

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  • She enjoys making things into a rap to help her remember what she has studied.
  • Born in New Jersey.
  • Is a sleepwalker - once she even cleaned both bathrooms in her house fast asleep.
  • Became Valedictorian of her year in high school.