Samuel "Sam" Gardner is an eighteen year old boy on the Autism Spectrum. He's obsessed with the South Pole, Antarctica and all about Penguins. He is the son of Doug and Elsa Gardner and brother of Casey Gardner.

Sam is portrayed by actor Keir Gilchrist.

In flashbacks, Sam is portrayed by actor Kue Lawrence.

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  • He is right-handed.
  • His favorite subject is biology.
  • His favorite color are Blue Marine
  • He has a pet turtle named Edison, (named after Thomas Alva  Edison) who he considers to be his best friend and isn't as smart as Thomas Edison.
  • He doesn't like cats.
  • He learned about wordplay jokes in second grade,when one of his friend give him a valentine card.
  • His favorite food is chicken tenders, from the box.
  • He works at Techtropolis.
  • He doesn’t drive, because his first instinct is to close his eyes.
  • He loves penguins.
  • He likes building an Igloo.
  • Although his like all kind of penguins,he considering Emperor as one of his favorite penguin
  • Sam has been shown to be a good dancer.
  • He won the 8th grade science fair while in 7th grade, and also won the the 7th grade reading challenge while in 6th grade.
  • He was diagnosed when he was 4.