Season 1 of Atypical is released through Netflix on August 11, 2017. Atypical is a comedy that explores a teenager, Sam Gardner, on the autism spectrum.The series follows him and his point of view on the world, him in dating and how his family deal with him being on the spectrum.

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Guest Cast/Characters Edit

  • Megan Easton as Riley (1/8)
  • Amy Hessler as Chloe (1/8)
  • Gabriela Flores as Bree (1/8)
  • Britney Ortiz as JJ (1/8)
  • Major Curda as Arlo (1/8)
  • Marisa Davila as Madison Gold (1/8)
  • Hilda Boulware as Dolores (1/8)
  • Heather Brooker as Mrs. Jablonski (1/8)
  • Nakia Burrise as April (1/8)
  • Annie Mebane as Lauren (1/8)
  • Eva La Dare as Marta (1/8)
  • Stacey Moseley as Shelby Pines (1/8)
  • Dabier as Jayson (1/8)
  • Monnae Michaell as Michelle (1/8)
  • Karly Rothenberg as Donna (1/8)
  • Geri Courtney-Austein as Kayla (1/8)
  • Carla Vila as Madame Delacroix (1/8)
  • Azur-De as Destiny (1/8)
  • Jeffrey Rosenthal as Bob (1/8)
  • Beth Curry as Paiges' Aunt (1/8)
  • Christopher Gehrman as Uncle Bruce (1/8)
  • Gino Montesinos as Eduardo (1/8)

Extras/Characters Edit

  • Donnabella Mortel as Waitress (1/8)
  • Andrew Secunda as Pharmacy Clerk (1/8)
  • Claire Leahy as Checkout Girl (1/8)
  • James S.W. Lee as Dave (Bartender) (1/8)
  • Brittney Bertier as Ponytail Girl (1/8)
  • Amy Tolsky as Head PTA Mom (1/8)
  • Sheila Cutchlow as Doctor (1/8)

Episodes Edit

Image Episode Information
Interested in dating, Sam researches dating advice and puts it to the test. Meanwhile, his overprotective Mom, Elsa, must learn to let go.

Title Meaning: Sam talks a lot about Antarctica, it is his favorite place.

A Human Female
"A Human Female"
When Sam learns his crush is already taken, Doug helps him woo her, not knowing who she is; A lost credit card sends Elsa back to the bar; Casey hears unsettling rumors about Evan and confronts him.

Title Meaning: Sam seeks to date a human female – Julia, his therapist.

Julia Says
"Julia Says"
Sam decides to update his look to appear more attractive; Casey learns an unfortunate family secret; And feeling unwanted, Elsa seeks pleasurable attention from Nick, the guy at the bar.

Title Meaning: Elsa becomes annoyed at Julia because all she hears from Sam is "Julia says..."

A Nice Neutral Smell
"A Nice Neutral Smell"
When a classmate, Paige Hardaway, shows interest in him, Sam makes a list of Pros and Cons to see whether or not he likes her to decide whether she's girlfriend material; Casey gets a prestigious offer.

Title Meaning: One of the Pros on Sam's Pros and Cons list for Paige

That's My Sweatshirt
"That's My Sweatshirt"
Sam becomes rattled after Paige invades his bedroom and wardrobe; Casey visits Clayton Prep and gets a taste of what life away from her brother would be like.

Title Meaning: A phrase Sam repeats after becoming irritated at someone else (Paige) wearing his sweatshirt.

The D-Train to Bone Town
"The D-Train to Bone Town"
Paige proposes having an autism-friendly school dance to the Winter Formal; Sam makes preparations for losing his virginity; Casey is being excluded because of her acceptance to Clayton Prep.
Title Meaning: A phrase Zahid tells Sam, meaning Sam's going to have sex.
I Lost My Poor Meatball
"I Lost My Poor Meatball"
Paige makes a confession to Sam, who creates a checklist to figure out how he feels; Elsa panics with Nick; Casey is the victim of a cruel prank from her best friend and the girls, becoming further excluded.

Title Meaning: A Song a crowd at the bar sings - "I lost my poor Meatball, when somebody sneezed..."

The Silencing Properties of Snow
"The Silencing Properties of Snow"
  • Writers: Jen Regan and Ava Tramer
  • Director: Michael Patrick Jann
  • Airdate: August 11, 2017
  • Episode / Series Number: 08 / 08
After a disastrous dinner with Paige's family, Sam makes amends at the school dance; Casey's fury at her Mom affects her relationship with Evan; Doug finds out from little things about Elsa's affair with Nick.
Title Meaning: Sam talks about how when it snows everything becomes quiet because snow absorbs sound.

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