The D-Train to Bone Town is the sixth episode of Season 1 of Atypical.It is directed by Michael Patrick Jaan and written by Robia Rashid alongside with Michael Oppenhuizen,

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Paige proposes having an autism-friendly school dance to the Winter Formal; Sam makes preparations for losing his virginity; Casey is being shut out from her group because of her acceptance to Clayton Prep.

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A phrase Zahid tells Sam, meaning Sam's going to have sex.

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  • Songbird by The Fieros
  • Love Struck by Extreme Music
  • Dream Bigger by Axwell A Ingrosso
  • Stand Understood by Raphael Lake
  • Cane Shuga by Glass Animals
  • Disparate Youth by SantiGold
  • Catch Me by Jonathan Murill,Tom Ford,Lee Richardson,James Cocozza & Sarah Jane Norman

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