Zahid is a teenage boy who works with Sam Gardner at Techtropolis throughout Season 1 and 2 of Atypical.They later becomes friend.

He is portrayed by actor and stand-up comedian Nik Donani.


Zahid is a teenage boy who seems to be having sex most of his life, he is usually bragging about this to Sam, who has less experience with girls, he doesn't do it in a 'I'm better than you' way, he does it because he seems to like and wants to teach Sam about relationships. Zahid is known for his crude and confusing sexual euphemisms (e.g. "the D-train to bonetown", amongst others)

Relationships Edit

Zahid tells Sam that he had sex with a Veterinarian last night and tells him that a parrot was repeating back the things she said. Sam asks what the parrot looked like and he tells him that it was a red sort rainbow, Sam lets him know that it was a Scarlet Macaw. Later on in the show, Zahid lets Sam know that there is a girl smiling at him, Sam asks what to do and he tells him to smile back, however Sam delivers a creepy looking smile that scares her away and he tells Sam that he has impressive range, managing to scare her away from across the store.

Sam tells Zahid the same story he tells his Father, Doug, and Zahid tells him his Dad is right in the sense that "A girl is fair game until there's a ring on it. And I mean a wedding ring, an engagement ring just means she's ready for one more mistake", Zahid turns around to see a woman and a guy, stating "Okay, this is perfect", Sam turns around to see what he is staring at and Zahid tells Sam to watch him, Zahid then dances around the girl in his series of weirdness but interesting-ness. And comes back to Sam, and tells him that's how you do it, but also mentions that the guy said he was going to kick his ass and he has a neck tattoo so he's going to hide in the back. Later on Zahid gives Sam a lesson on "How to Steal a Girl", Zahid tells him that Step One is to be "hella charming", Step Two is to "find out what sucks about her current boyfriend", and Step Three is the most important thing, "Chocolate Covered Strawberries", he then states that "it makes girls horny as hell and that's science". Sam tells him that Science requires empirical evidence. Zahid then says the evidence is "her panties on the floor of my kitchentte", but Sam claims this is anecdotal and pseudoscientific. Zahid tells Sam to just get the berries, which Sam writes down on his list.

Zahid is invited by Sam to go shopping, Zahid helps Sam dress appropriately to physically attract women to his dress sense, Zahid picks him out a leather jacket, but Sam says it doesn't feel like him, he states that Julia told him to buy clothes that feel like him, however Zahid puts this statement away, telling him that if he's trying to get girls, the last thing he wants to do is dress the way he feels, and dress more to impress them. However Sam is increasingly persistant to take it off. Which he does, Sam takes the time to find a shirt he likes and finds a shirt almost covered in whales and is blue, Zahid tells him it looks bad, however Sam lists the things he likes about it, Zahid allows him to wear it, but asks him to still wear the leather jacket over it, which he agrees to.

Zahid and Sam are at their place of work talking, Sam is making a Pros and Cons list of Paige. However Zahid tells him he doesn't need a list, he says that Julia is a girl and probably wants to touch his "peen" which means Penis. Sam tells him what Julia said and Zahid asks how well he knows Paige, to which Sam replies that they mostly study in school. Zahid then tells him that Sam needs to get both him and Paige into a different environment, one that is less controlled and sterile. Later we see Zahid, Paige, Sam, Casey and her boyfriend, Evan at the Gardner household. They are having dinner, Paige takes Sam and Zahid talking as a way to take his Pros and Cons list that she found out about before and find out what it says on it, she realizes the page is ripped out but know that she can scribble a pencil over the page underneath to expose what he wrote, she does this with ease and doesn't like what she saw. Back at the dinner table Paige apologizes for taking so long and says one of the things on Sam's list, Zahid catches wind of this but doesn't act on it or tell Sam as he's not sure, Paige references his list again and this time Zahid knows that she's seen he list and alerts Sam of this. After Paige alerts the family of his list, Zahid jumps to his defense telling Piage that Sam did write that she has very clean shoes, however this doesn't help, as it tells her that he's read it, which makes her uncomfortable. Elsa asks why he made the list and Sam tells her it was helping him decide if he wants to be with Paige or not. After this, Paige gets up to leave and thanks Elsa and Doug for the dinner. Sam asks his family and friends "She's mad?" and they all confirm and Sam gets up to comfort and talk to Paige.

Zahid is seen kissing a girl, named Kayla on a bench, Sam is sitting opposite talking about how he feels, he stops and just stares, Kayla states that she finds it weird, Zahid tells Kayla that Sam has an issue with his girlfriend, Kayla gives him advice after being convinced to by Zahid. Zahid tells Sam that Kayla works at CLaire's and that she can pierce whatever body part on him at a discount, except his genitals because he won't allow Kayla to handle any other Male genitals. Sam is confused by this but Zahid doesn't explain.

At their place of work, Sam tells Zahid that Paige is making him go with her to the Winter Formal, commenting that he thought it sounds dumb, Zahid tells him "That sucks.", Sam then tells him that after she wants him to come over because her parents are away at a wedding in Pittsburgh. Zahid pays attention to the last line, noting Sam that she wants to have sex with him, however Sam asks Paige because he feels like this is a stretch and wants to check with Paige, later we see Paige say "Maybe" and Sam reports back to Zahid, Zahid tells Sam that this means "Yes" and Sam checks once again, Paige confirms this theory. Later on we see Zahid and Sam boy condoms after Sam goes through a detail and question check with the Pharmaceutical Clerk. Zahid buys them for him after he confirms his choice and Sam then reads aloud "Each condom is electronically tested" and states "That's good.". Later on in the show, Sam comes to work and shares his trouble with not having seen Female genitals with Zahid worried that he can't have sex, Zahid takes him to a strip club, but the *lights and the *sound are too much for him. *certain lights and sounds/noises can be too much for someone on the Autism Spectrum* Sam waits outside while Zahid stays in and Sam encounters Destiny, who doesn't like the club very much but worked there. Sam tells her his problems and she gives him advice and shows him her boobs for preparation and tells him good luck. Zahid comes out of the club says "'Sup, Destiny" implying he knows her and confronts Sam asking "What'd I miss?!" after seeing a frozen surprise look on his face.

Zahid and Sam are at their place of work and Sam pops up beside customers who are talking to Zahid and tells Zahid Paige is in love with him, this catches Zahid attention and tells the customers he has to talk to him. Sam tells Zahid that he has been asked to go for dinner to The Olive Garden on Thursday, Zahid tells Sam that he can't meet them until he knows he loves her back, Sam asks how he would know her loves her and Zahid tells Sam that he will know when he is in love with her. Later on Zahid and Sam are again at their place of work and Zahid is walking around Sam in circles, Sam asks Zahid if he is doing it to relieve stress, then states that he does the same thing, he also suggests that he knock repeatedly on doors, he says he does 4 counts (4 knocks) and tells Zahid he can do any number he wants. However Zahid tells Sam that he took advantage of Techtropolis's holiday sale and got a FitBit for health, he then tells Sam he should get one too so that they can go on long walks together to clear their heads. Sam tells Zahid he doesn't likes to exercise, but he'll let Paige know about the discount. It then clicks in Sams' head that he just accomplished the third thing on his Do I Love Paige? list, which is "First person you want to tell big news." having already accomplished checking off "First person you think of in the morning." and "Makes me a better person." he tells Zahid and hey hug each other tightly as Sam likes pressure and not a soft touch. Julia comes in to buy something and gets confirmation that Julia is Julia the girl he previously wanted as his girlfriend. He then witnesses what is an awkward encounter of Julia, but then tries to flirt with Julia.

Zahid comes to the Gardner household with a delivery and speaks to Sam, Sam tells him about his panic attack on the bus, which caused a scene. Sam tells Zahid what happened with Julia, a sudden angry voice starts shouting which they both recognize and Paige's voice, Paige shouts a Sam for quite a while and Zahid asks "Dude, what'd you do to her!?" and tells Sam that he needs a big apology to make it up to her. Later on Zahid helps Sam find the penguin necklace he gave to Paige, who lost it and told him she lost it when shouting at him. He goes through a fear of water to get the necklace back and gives it to her, they make up sexually after a lot of talking and compromising, Sam exclaims to his Father that he got a handjob in the igloo after he comes out.


  • Calls his parents his roommates.
  • Smokes weed.
  • Wanted to become a nurse after watching them in the hospital when his grandmother was sick since he thought they did all the important stuff.

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